Why This Book

Success Amidst an Evolution
In 10 Secrets of the New Rich, you'll discover how to succeed in today's new, rapidly-evolving economic landscape; one that's dominated by technology and the web. The methods used 20 or 30 years ago simply don't work today. Discover the keys to success in a new landscape.
Achieve Your Dreams
It's time to finally succeed! 10 Secrets of the New Rich offers a comprehensive step-by-step guide for achieving dreams that have been elusive thus far. You'll discover the keys that will allow you to finally achieve your dreams, whether you aspirations involve becoming an entrepreneur, business owner or beyond.
Inspirational Tips for Business and Life
Kevin Donaldson's 10 Secrets of the New Rich offers insight that will help you not only in your career and professional life, but also in your personal life. This self-help guide provides you with advice that will help you grow as you come through those bumps in the road.
Learn to Work for Yourself
Discover what it takes to work for yourself! Transitioning from a system where you work for someone else to working for yourself can be difficult. 10 Secrets of the New Rich provides you with the advice and guidance you need to succeed and work through this common stumbling block.

The 10 Secrets

Reviews & Testimonials

This book was full of small things that I could fit into my world to hop on the right track towards financial freedom!

– Ekeze Enubuzor

A Must read, Kevin did a great job with this book and it will help you become better with your finance and life.

– Ebony

I have been looking for a book like this! Mr. Donaldson has done the impossible.

– Mrs. CEO

Wow this book was amazing…it is a must read and also and easy read..highly recommended.

– Sammantha Donaldson

Easy to read and understand. Kevin did a great job in breaking down the new wealth concepts for today’s readers.

– Carol Copeland

Awesome Read! Lots of nuggets to take away and put in to practice…

– Gary

About the Author

My name is Kevin Donaldson. I'm an entrepreneur, author, and business coach. I build businesses, and I build people, for a living.

There's no question that life is tough. And when challenges come your way, there's always an excuse to quit. I've been there myself -- I had a rough home life, I was a poor student, and my marriage only lasted 4 years. And to top it all off, my first business venture plunged me into $1.2 million dollars in debt.

But despite the challenges I faced, I was determined to succeed. And after decades of hard work and learning, I'm proud to say that I've broken through adversity and now enjoy a successful career. I'm a successful Internet marketer, e-book and article writer, and network marketing business coach.

And now, my goal in life is to teach as many people as I can how to turn their challenges into their own stepping stones to success. Add me to your circles and let me share with you the wisdom I've gleaned from decades of adversity.

If I, a poor student who failed third grade twice, could make it into the big leagues, then so can you. “Plus” me and let's get started!


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