3 Ways to Find Motivation When Building a New Business

Business success is all about the mindset and the ability to build and grow businesses. But what most business coaches sometimes forget is that it’s also about staying motivated throughout the entire process. If you’re just starting a new business, here are a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind:

#1 – Choose a Cause To Dedicate Your Business To.

Some business coaches may disagree with me, but I wholeheartedly teach my community to start businesses around what you love doing.

Why? Because if you want to stay motivated through the ups and downs of growing a business, you got to see it as something you identify with. It’s got to be something you LOVE.

It’s like raising a child for the first time. When your child is sick, you don’t just hope the fever goes away on its own. You take care of your child, staying up all night if you have to. That’s the kind of dedication you’ll need if you want to achieve business success one day.

#2 – Always, Always Know Your Business’s Customer.

Few things are more demotivating than spending so much time and money marketing your business, but generating too few sales to show for your effort. If that’s ever happened to you, you might want to step back and think: Am I targeting the right customers?

Business experts know that if you think ANYONE is a potential customer for your business, then it’s likely you won’t convert many people at all. Your business should serve specific needs for specific demographics of people. That way, your marketing efforts will be more laser-focused and effective.

Before you start any business, you need to get your target audience down pat. Who do you want to serve? Who will your product/service benefit the most? Don’t worry about the rest.

#3 – Business Success is the Best Motivation

Finally, the best way to stay motivated in the business world is simply achieving success.

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban simply says: “Sales cure all.” There’s nothing like the rush of making a sale that motivates you to do even more, work even harder, and achieve even greater levels of success with your business!

Yes – in business, storms will come now and then. But don’t focus on the problems. Focus on the profit. Most times, getting rid of the problems as quickly as you can equates to a quick rise in your profits, so don’t stay too long trying to figure things out.

So as you can see, staying motivated in business is really less about what you hear and think, and more about what you do and achieve. So don’t wait until it “feels right” to do business. Just do business, and do it well – the motivation will come on its own!

About the Author

Kevin J. Donaldson is an entrepreneur, life & business coach, and bestselling author of The 10 Secrets of the New Rich. His mastermind group, Real Wealth Solutions, Inc., pursues the advocacy of putting a thriving business in every American home. To learn how to put up your own sustainable business and help rescue the economy, join the Real Wealth movement now.


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