3 Ways to Find Motivation When Building a New Business

Business success is all about the mindset and the ability to build and grow businesses. But what most business coaches sometimes forget is that it’s also about staying motivated throughout the entire process. If you’re just starting a new business, here are a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind: #1 – Choose a […]

Why You Should Give Your New Business an Exit Strategy

Did you plan your new business with an “exit strategy?” As much as you might love running your business, you must have an end-goal in the plan. At the very least, an exit strategy keeps you from turning your business into a glorified job – working from home, but with longer hours. This article will […]

The Top 3 Traps to Avoid for New Home Business Owners

While you’re using your new personal business plan to build a thriving business, be careful of trip-ups along the way. Most new business owners never see these “traps” coming, because (1) they don’t prepare for them, (2) the traps seem harmless, or (3) these traps are too tiny to notice, but snowball over time. Here […]

Starting A Business – The Crucial First Few Weeks

In my last article, I helped you write a basic personal business plan as the foundation of a thriving business. Now, let’s talk about how to put your business plan into action, and get your business running. Step #1 – Getting Started with Your Business For most new businesses, the first order of business is […]

4 Steps to Writing a Personal Business Plan

Want to put up a thriving business of your own? Even if it’s just going to be a simple, home-based operation, you’ll need to have a personal business plan in place. This article will help you develop a business plan to anchor your business’s future on. Why Most New Entrepreneurs Fail to Achieve Business Success […]